With a nice bag of carp.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tirley court.

Well it turned out a better match,than we thought.With the weather and all. 9 anglers turned up to fish today.
So it was'nt to bad. Well lets get on with the match.

I drew peg 12, which was an end peg.  I had an over hanging tree to my left,at about 3 metres.
so i set up 2 tops one for the inside under the tree, and the other at 3 metres in front of me.
The whistle went at 10.00am for the all in.I fed both swims with sweetcorn by hand.
Started catching small carp from the off,in the swim in front of me. After an hour the carp started getting bigger. they were averaging between 12 oz, and 1 and a half pound. Jason onthe next peg was bagging big time. This is how it went for me for most of the match. Went down by the tree for the last couple of hours. Started catching straight away,and from then until the end of the match i was catching steady, with a few bigger carp showing. Biggest i had was about 6 pound. The all out came to quickly at 4.00pm

1st.      jason wellington.       261-0-0.
2nd.     brian dix.                  151-0-0.
3rd.      me.                          136-8-0.
4th.      paul davis.                  96-8-0.
5th.      charlie chang.             82-4-0.
6th.      roy davis.                   80-4-0.
7th.      dick lewis.                  79-4-0.
8th.      lewis bolton.               37-4-0.
9th.      trevor dix.                   D.N.W.

Total weight between the anglers was 942lb. not a bad days fishing.

In fairness to trevor he really had a bad day. lost a section to is pole in the water. So he put is waders on to go in ,and slipped down the bank,and went in up to is waist. Not only did he lose is pole section,he also knackered is mobile,which was in is side pocket.Thats the reason he did not weigh in.Did we all feel sorry for him. Well after about half an hour of rolling around with laughter. yeah we felt sorry for him.


               BRIAN DIX.


            DICK LEWIS.

         LEWIS BOLTON.

             PAUL DAVIS.

              ROY DAVIS.

           TREVOR DIX.


Just a few more pics of the day.I wanted to take pics of people catching, but just did'nt have time

            brian setting up.

jason getting ready to blitz the match.

            charlie meditating.

         dickie ready to go.

       lewis just after the all in.

         paul with is new hat.

      roy having a chat with me.
      before the match.


  trevor thinking he was going to
  have a good day. (tee he).

         jason weighing in.

            we love carp.

    the lake.


Apart from trevor every body had a good day. Again a lot of baracking,and swearing.  i won £15.
paid for the match i suppose.but for me its not about the money,its about the crack.
Hope you enjoyed this,and had good days yourselfs.
see you for the next match,all the best steve.

Don't forget its tarrington tomorrow. I will post about it tomorrow evening.

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