With a nice bag of carp.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Gloucester Canal. (Nethridge Bridge).

Sunday 29th November.

Club:- Watersmeet.
Draw:- 8.00am.
Fish:- 9.00am to 2.00pm.

AAAARRRGGGHHH. Give me an anti suicide pill please.

Why, oh why, oh why do we do it.
I'll tell you why, because we are all numpty's, thats why.
If i was'nt a space cadet before, i think i'am starting to get there.

What was the match like, it was s--t, crap, bo---cks, and bleeding depressing.
But besides that we had a good day. What went wrong, the alarm clock went off on time thats what.

Think about it right, Groundbait cost £5, Two match pack of worms cost £11.50p.
Half pint of maggots £1.25p That comes to £17.75p to catch a big fat zero.
Can't grumble about the diesel though, as i only live a farts breath away.
Okay i have got that off my chest now. (saved the cat getting his nuts put in a vice).

The match.


Hand went into the draw bag, and out came permanent peg 49. Was i happy with this peg.
Yep i was, pegs 46 to 50 is Bream country.(must of took a bloody holiday though).
So i kind of ,hopped,and skipped to my peg, with a smile on my face.
I had Lewis to my left on peg 48, and Barry to my right on peg 50.
The theory is if you beat the anglers either side of you, you've had a good day.
Well i drew with one of them, and got munched by the other.
So i suppose in theory i had half a decent day.

First hour i lost a fish, on the way in. Second hour i did'nt have a bite.
Cut a long story short, the next bleeding three hours i never had a bite neither.
Yup Blankety Blank, Zilch, Naffin (for you cockney's out there).

Pughy on peg 51, who also had the Golden peg, was leading up to the last hour and a half,
when Barry on peg 50 strangled 3 Bream, and a skimmer to walk the match.
Well done Barry, you saved the Golden peg.
The rule of this club is if the Golden peg is not won by the last match, the money goes into the beer kitty, along with the money we have for our drinky poo's at Christmas. Should have about six hundred quid to drink. Once again well done Barry.
Mind you i would'nt have been so chuffed if i would have drawn the Golden peg.
But thats life, ain't it pughy (tee he).

Richard, (remember him from the last match at Lydney Lake), went walkabouts thinking it would work again, like at Lydney.
Well it did'nt , he packed up, and was gone with forty five minutes left, (quite sensible really).
A puntured football went passed me with'in netting distance. Yup i did, i netted it, for something to do.
Me, and Lewis had a quick five minutes kicking it around, got bored with that,
so went back to looking at my motionless tip, which was frozen in time.
Trevor fell over which was funny when i was told. Wish i could of seen it, it would have been
a hell of a lot funnier.

Fair play, today would have put an insomniac to sleep. But aye it could be worse, i could support Manchester United.

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds.

Anything else i can say about this match,
Well it rained, and then it rained some more. It was windy and cold on the hands.

I think i better stop before i need those anti suicide pills again.


1st. Barry Matthews. Peg 50. 10-2-0. Won £60.

2nd. Graham (Golden peg).Pugh. Peg 51. 2-8-0.
Won £25.

3rd. John Barnard. Peg 43. 0-10-0 Won nowt.

4th. Trevor ( I fell over) Dix. Peg 47.

5th. Dick Lewis. 0-7-0.

New members to the Blankety Blank Club. (cost me £17.75p to join).

Lewis Bolton.

Richad Bowd.

Mark Hewlett.

And last but not least ME.

The did not turn up Club.

Chris, and Lee (the olsen twins) Fortey.

Tim (Don't know what day it is) Pugh.

Jason ( Prison Officer in a women's prison. Is that why they call them screws) Dallimore.

Paul ( found my arm, but not my watch) Ford.

Mark (i'am to important) Cornwell.


 If this ain't the brother of a Silver Back Gorilla,
I don't know what is? Graham's brother below.


Under Nethridge Bridge. 7.20am. This morning.

Silver Back explaining.

This is got to be Dracula recarnate. My Gawd he's a day walker.

Some are on walkabout already.

Pughy watching Barry taking away the Golden peg (tee he).

My peg minus fish. (that's my excuse, and i'am sticking to it.

The old Hempstead Bend.

Lewis concentrating for nothing.

Barry playing one of is slabs.( i cry in envy).

Barry playing it in .(The only fish i caught was on bloody camera.).

Bye, bye Golden peg.

Okay Barry thats enough.

Lets go home.

Hope i don't see this view for a while.

As that song goes, It can only get better, well hopefully for next week?.

Thanks for reading, see you soon. Bye for now STEVE.

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