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Monday, 7 December 2009


Good day all. What ever you do, make sure your computer is fully protected, because when you get a virus, its a living nightmare. The problems i have had this last week, is unbelievable. My problem was, i was fully protected with Norton, but kept forgetting about new updates, so from now on i will be checking at least twice a week.
I have had to do a total  system recovery, which wipes out everything you have on your computer. I have lost everything. Most gutting being, i have lost all my pictures, and the only  pictures i had burned to a cd, was the faces of the anglers i have. So please  make sure you look out for latest updates, as that is the only way you can keep these b-----d's out of your pc. The last thing i down loaded was a thing, that improves your photos, and videos, and after that, was when the problems started. SO BE CAREFUL.

The match.

Sunday 6th December.
Club. Kingsholm A.C.
Venue. Manor Farm. (middle pool).
Draw 8.00am.
Fish. 9.00am to 2-00pm.

Two not so good things to report first. 1:- There was a match on here yesterday, which was won with 120lb.
So this lake as had a hammering. 2:- Only three of us turned up. There was a match on the other bank, so we were'nt on are own. Crazy, whats the point joining a club, and not turning up. I feel sorry for Andy who runs the club. So if there is any Members reading this. Cheers well done.
The whistle for the all in went at 9am. The rain had stopped, but the wind was blowing a gale. I set up one rod for the pellet feeder, and fished this through the match. Did'nt really expect much, as i said, yesterday the fish took an hammering, but i was determined to have a bash.
I can never get used to the rod shooting round, when you hook a fish, it still makes me jump. I suppose being a 99% pole angler as something to do with this. With just three fishing, theres not really much to report.
Whats the chances of someone falling in, breaking something,or falling over,with just three fishing, not much chance on that score. Back to the fishing. I averaged just under four fish per hour, to end up with 18 carp
,for 45lb. I lost five fish. Andy was doing a lot of bank walking, and john was chopping, and changing between the feeder, pole, and the waggler. So i wonder who got there tactics right, shall we take a look at the results, Oh! go on then.


1ST. Me  Peg 1.  45-0-0. Won £40.

2nd.  John Hudson. Peg 2.  15-15-0. Won £20.

3rd.  Andy Cook. Peg 3. 0-6-0. Won nowt.

A few more pics.

Nice bag, stevie boy. Windy so i could'nt look my best.

A bit choppy.

Ready to go. C'mon whistle.

Looking a cross the lake, to my left.

Andy on is way to an impressive 6 ounces (tee he).

Angler on the far bank.

John on the pole. Hands where cold when i took this one.

Well thats it folks for this one, sorry it was'nt more. But you can't do a lot with just 3 Anglers turning up.
Next week will be better, as we are fishing at Watersmeet. The last of the aggregate matches for
Watersmeet A.C. Breakfast is at eight o'clock. Its mainly silver fish, so it might fish okay, we will have to wait, and see. Cheers for now STEVE.

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