With a nice bag of carp.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Drummonds Dubb.

Got the Phone call Friday night. Don't bother with Saturday morning's peg clearing, as the place is impossible to get to. Great weather aint it. Will have to wait, and see, when we can do it.
So here's a few pics of the snow a comming.

Its a cummin.

Bye, bye Flowers.

Last time i see my Grass for a while.

Getting heavier.

Birds tucking in, on the Bird table.

This was taken at 2.30 in the morning with no flash.
Reflection of the kitchen can be seen.

2.30am, and the skies full of it.

Two planes on there way out. (jammy buggers).

Pictures of my two mutts.

Toby settling down for the evening.

Sooty,s joined him.

Don't really spoil em.

You put your right leg in.

I love my mummy.

Soft or what?.

Kissing Julie.

Toby's not amused.

Sooty glaring at Toby.

Toby's turn for a cuddle.

Some pics Dave Hoare sent me.

Well sorry there ain't no Fishing pics, but you all know
what the weathers like. Maybe this next weekend we can get out, and about.
Bit optomistic i know, but you can only dream. See ya soon,

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