With a nice bag of carp.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Peg building for the winter league.

Drummonds Dubb.
Meet 9.30am.

16 Anglers signed on to fish the Winter Series, only 6 turned up for Peg building.
Funny how a bit of work scares some people?. Never mind it will just take longer
for the six that turned up. The lake was still frozen over, but as the day went on it was
thawing quite rapidly. When the Sun came out, it was quite warm.
Only one of us fell over on our arse today (well done Dickie). We took our time,
and dug out the 8 Pegs required. Boarded them up, and back filled them.
It still took six of us 5 hours to do. If sixteen would have turned up, we would have
all  been going home after an hour, and a half. (trying my hardest to make them
feel guilty,as i know a lot of em will be reading this).
I know a few of the boys were fishing elton farm, and when Jason phoned Steve Evans up,
to ask how they were doing, Stevie boy was blanking (AGAIN). Andy Salcombe had
one carp, and lost two. Most of the others were'nt fairing any better either.
Should of came Peg building, Justice will always get its own back!.(tee he).
Anyway we are not bitter, and twisted. Just hope they all draw shite pegs next week.

Here,s some pics of the Hero's.(and the frozen lake).


Work time.

Jason (the foreman).

Cutting the posts.

First peg being dug.

Jason watching dickie cut the trees back.

Front boards going in.

Jason, and Dickie starting the second peg.

Post's ready to be driven in.

back filling the peg.

Dickie looking for a good place to put the posts.

Brian holding the post while we look for the sledgehammer.
(looks like he's having a crap).

Go on Dick drive it in.

They look plumb?.

Leveling it out.

Looks a good place for a peg.

Bit off centre lads.

This one's booby trapped (Steve Evanses peg).

Dickie decided to cut this tree down.

Lets start another one.

Another one bites the dust.

Fair play, Dickie's not the one to give up.

For some reason they decided to dig it out before
boarding this one first. (bored i suppose).

This one looks the toughtest.

Before being back filled.

Looks like Dickies winning. 1-0 to Dickie.

Who's that who's slipped, and sat in a muddy puddle.
OH! my it's Dickie. 1-1. The tree's drawn level.

Have we a wet arse Dickie.

Not detered, back to it Dickie.

Brian giving Dickie instructions.

Last one, Come on!

An artiste at work (tee he).

Well done lads, hard day but it was worth it.
Winter League starts next Sunday, Draw 9.00am.
Fish See you all there, so for now good
luck with this years Fishing. Bye for now STEVE.

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