With a nice bag of carp.

Monday, 15 February 2010



DRAW :- 9.15AM.
FISH :- 10.15AM TO 3.15PM.


Charlie Chang could'nt turn up for this one today,as his Grandmother
is Chinese,and he had to take her out for the Chinese new year.
Thats his excuse, and he's sticking to it. But at least he did give notice,
so Dickie arranged for young Lewis Bolton to Guest for the match.
We thought great back to 14 Anglers. "Wrong" Adrian Davis did'nt
put in an appearance. Well done Adrian?.


As i said in my last post (pleasure fishing) Pegs 6,and 7 on the road side,
or any peg on the far bank is where i wanted to draw. Well God was obviously
off playing Golf somewhere, instead of giving me a decent draw.

My mitts went into the draw bag,and out popped peg bleeding 1, the worst
one to draw,as this peg blanked in the last match of the series.
The lake was gin clear, i could see the bottom ring on my keepnet,as
clear as if it was out of the water. Steve Evans said he would draw
peg 14, and the bugger did.
Now i need Andy Salcombe to do my lottery numbers, as the jammy so,
and so drew peg 7 again, with peg 6 vacant (again) because Adrian
did'nt turn up,and that was the last peg in the bag.
What's the bleeding chance of that. If shite was luck, he would
have the runs, and i would be constipated.

Myself, and Andy are now the only two who have drawn this side twice.
Mind you Andy was'nt complaining. Richard Bowd was happy, he drew
peg 12. After drawing peg 1, and blanking on the first match.
His happiness was'nt to last long though. Barry Matthews drew
next to me on peg 2, another not so happy chappy.
Terry Reybould drew peg 8, the one i pleasure fished on Wednesday.
He knew how i done on this peg, so he was fairly happy.
Bri Dix drew peg 9. On the far bank again? jammy git!.

The draw went as follows.

Secion A.

Peg 1. Me (deeply depressed). Peg 2. B.Matthews (fairly depressed).
Peg 3. S.Bee (not over excited). Peg 4.J.Wellington (Not very amused).
Peg 5. N.Willis (Better than the last four). Peg 6. Adrian dipped out.
Peg 7. A.Salcombe (ear to ear bleeding grin).

Section B.

Peg 8. T.Reybould.(All Anglers on this bank very happy).
Peg 9. B.Dix. Peg 10. T.Warner. Peg 11. D.Lewis. Peg 12. R.Bowd.
Peg 13. L.Bolton (guest).Peg 14. S.Evans. (biggest grin for that bank).


GGGGGGGRUELLER!. The all in went at 10.15pm. Fed the pole line with
two small balls of Groundbait, and a small amount of pinkies, at 12.5 metres,
over the ledge. Then went straight on the feeder, fed a minimum of chopped worm
in the feeder with groundbait, single red maggot on the hook.
Too cut a long,and painful story short, i tried single red maggot, double red maggot,
single pinkie, double pinkie, four pinkies, pellet, and corn, what did i catch,
jack poo, thats what i caught. 5 hours, not a single bite.
(where the hell have i put that rope). Jeezus thats twice this peg as blanked now.

The summary of this match is as follows.

Section A.

Barry peg 2 Blanked. Steve.B.Peg 3. One 3 ounce roach, caught 15 minutes from time.
(jammy git, one bite one fish).Jason. Peg 4 Never had a bite until the last half hour,
and then preceeded to catch a flurry of small roach up to the whisle.
Half an hour from blanking (jammy sod).
Nick. Peg 5. (the peg i had last time) caught 2 skimmers,and 1 roach.
Peg 7 MR grin from ear to ear bagged up (please do my lottery numbers).

Section B.

Terry. peg 8. Caught well through out. Brian Peg 9. Caught reasonably well through out.
Tommy. Peg 10. 1 skimmer. Dickie. Peg 11. Blanked. Richard. Peg 12. Blanked (again tee he).
Lewis. Peg 13.Blanked (guests are allowed to blank too). MR i want Peg 14, and got it. Blanked.


Hang on let me stop laughing, or is it crying. Must be laughing, because us big boys
don't cry do we. (Boo hoo). The water was clear as glass, it started to get a bit misty in
the deepest Part of the lake. Which happened to be where Pegs 6,7,8, and 9 were.
Thats where all the bloody fish were caught. So next week in our third match of the
series, if its still clear, is where i bet, 14 Anglers will want to be.
So whats the chances of me drawing one of them, probably the same as the pope
popping around for a cup of tea. No doubt Andy will draw one of them.
Am i bitter, and twisted. Bloody right i'am. Am i going to quit fishing, and take
up Golf, just a thought. ROLE ON SUMMER.



1ST. A.SALCOMBE. PEG 7. 20-13-0. 1PT.

2ND. N.WILLIS. PEG 5. 1-13-0. 2PTS.

3RD. J.WELLINGTON. PEG 4. 0-13-8. 3PTS.

4TH. S.BEE. PEG 3. 0-3-0.

5TH. B.MATTHEWS. PEG 2. 0-0-0.

5TH. S.HAWKINS. PEG 1. 0-0-0.

7TH. A.DAVIS. PEG 6. 0-0-0.  D.N.F.


1ST. T.REYBOULD. PEG 8. 15-7-0.

2ND. B.DIX. PEG 9. 10-12-0.

3RD. T.WARNER. PEG 10. 0-12-0.

4TH. D.LEWIS. PEG 11. 0-0-0.

4TH. R.BOWD. PEG 12. 0-0-0.

4TH. L.BOLTON.(GUEST) PEG 13. 0-0-0.

4TH. S.EVANS. PEG 14. 0-0-0.

C.CHANG. 0-0-0.  D.N.F.




The boys raring to go.

At least half of them are ready for the draw.

Andy ready for the weigh in.

So that's what the buggers look like.

Nice winning bag of skimmers.
 (very painful looking at this).

Andy's winning weigh.

Time to laugh at the blankers. (ready to go home).

Round 3 is next sunday, please, please be a better day.
Well that's it for this crap day for most of us.

Gloucester angling centre's 7th round was fished today as well, i will get the
results from Jerry, and upload them. They are fishing at Stone End Farm.
Last week Babcocks fished there first winters league match there, and had a
cracking day. The weather was milder then, but the weights were brilliant for
this time of year. Brian Dix won the match with a very impressive 170LB.
Jason Wellington came second with 80LB+.
There were a few 70Lb+ bags as backup weights.
Well done lads very impressive.
Back down to Earth this week though, aye boys. tee he.

Anyway how come i did'nt get an invite to join your winters league then.
You would of needed some one who comes last regular, and
i fit the bill perfect. Plus no doubt i would have drawn the shite pegs, so you
lot could of had the good ones.

Well that's a few Christmas cards i will save on this year.

Hope you enjoyed reading this,and had a better days fishing.
So for now, all the best STEVE.

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