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Friday, 5 March 2010

Gloucester Angling Centre's Winter league round 8.

The final round of there winter league was held last Sunday.
With Dale Malpas 1 point in front of Tony Davis, and Mark Brear.
It's going down to the wire.

DRAW:- 9.00AM.
FISH:- 10.00AM TO 3.00PM.

9 Anglers turned up for the final round, leaving 3 anglers per section.

This obviously making Dale's task easier. Again why do anglers sign up
for these leagues, and then spoil it by not turning up. Okay they had
no chance of winning the series, but there was still money on the day
up for grabs. All that they have achieved is the money for the series
payout will be cut, which is unfair on the frontrunners, who have fished
well throughout the series. Well next year Jerry you Know now who not
to invite.

The draw.

Section 1.

Peg 2. Rob Wood.
Peg 3. jerry Farrant.
Peg 4. Rob Mackesie.

Section 2.

Peg 5. Dale Malpas.
Peg 6. Jeff Parnell.
Peg 7. John Ferneyhough.

Section 3.

Peg 9. Mark Brear.
Peg 10.Tony Davis.
Peg 12.Doug Blake.

Overall result for round 8.

1st. Tony.Davis Peg 10. 42-7-0.

2nd. Mark Brear. Peg 9. 31-5-0.

3rd. Rob Wood. Peg 2. 29-11-0.

4th. Jerry Farrant. Peg 3. 26-7-0.

5th. Dale Malpas. Peg 5. 20-3-0.

6th. Rob Mackensie. Peg 4. 14-14-0.

7th. John Ferneyhough. Peg 7. 11-12-0.

8th. Doug Blake. Peg 12. 8-5-0.

9th. Jeff Parnell. Peg 6. 0-12-0.

Did Not Turn Up.

Jake Howe. 4pts.

Phil Howe. 4pts.

Roy Davis. 4pts.

Section results.

Section 1.

1st.Rob Wood. 1pt.
2nd.Jerry Farrant. 2pts.
3rd.Rob Mackensie. 3pts.

Section 2.

1st.Dale Malpas. 1pt.
2nd.John Ferneyhough. 2pts.
3rd.Jeff Parnell. 3pts.

Section 3.

1st.Tony Davis. 1pt.
2nd.Mark Brear. 2pts.
3rd.Doug Blake. 3pts.

Final Overall Positions.

1st..Dale Malpas...........9 points..(6 section wins)...262-14-0.
2nd..Tony Davis...........10 points..(4 section wins)...278-5-8.
3rd..Rob Wood............11 points..(5 section wins)...192-6-0.
4th..Mark Brear...........11 points..(3 section wins)...184-8-0.
5th..Jerry Farrant.........12 points..(3 section wins)...264-10-8.
6th..Rob Mackensie.......13 points..(2 section wins)...184-0-8.
7th..Roy Davis.............20 points..(1 section win)....204-9-0.
8th..Jeff Parnell...........20 points..(0 section win).....54-7-8.
9th..John Ferneyhough....20 points..(0 section win).....51-15-8.
10th.Phil Howe.............21 points..(0 section win)....114-10-0.
11th.Jake Howe............24 points..(0 section win)....140-7-0.
12th.Doug Blake...........24 points..(0 section win).....25-4-8.


Dale Malpas.  £175.  Plus Trophy.
Tony Davis.   £125.  Plus Trophy.
Rob Wood.      £75.  Plus Trophy.

Well done dale 6 section wins out of 8 is a good achievment
by anyone's standards. This is what series are all about,
right down to the last match. Unlucky Tony, you done all you
could winning the match, better luck next year mate.
That raps this series up, time to concentrate on my own now.
Good draw Sunday, and i will be happy. I have got to be due
one now God ain't I. If you give me a good draw on Sunday
God, i swear i will send my missus to church every Sunday for
a month. Pegs 6,7,8, or 9 thanks, Amen!

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