With a nice bag of carp.

Monday, 24 May 2010



PEGS 20.
DRAW. 9.00AM.
FISH. 10.30AM TO 3.30PM.


Everybody who put there names down to fish, all turned up. Well done on
that one lads. Anglers came from far, and wide to fish this one. Thats
dedication for you. The field was definately a strong one. So basically
i was kissing goodbye to my twenty quid before the start. But who cares,
it was nice just to be in this company. When we got there the fish were
showing well, near the stones. which is the side nearest the entrance.
This little area was left for the pleasure anglers. There was a couple
of young lads there already fishing, they were using floating bread tactics.
They were catching pretty well too. The Carp had been spawning prior to
today. Although there was still some fish splashing around. Normally on
this lake it does'nt really matter where you draw, as fish will be caught
from all areas. It still as its preferable pegs, but like i say, you can
still catch from anywhere.(NORMALLY). The wind was blowing from the far
end down to the entrance end, and this definately had an outcome on the


Steve Ford had already pegged out before most had arrived. Adrian Davis had
a wander round before the draw, just to have a look. Good job he did aye!
Steve. Because somebody forgot to put in peg 15. So after a quick
re-arangement by Steve, everything was honky dorry. The pressure of organisation.
he he. I started to take pictures of the draw, realising i would be last in
the queue (again). So i made this known to everybody, and one guy let me in
front of him. (what a gent). So i was last but two to draw. Fordy was the last
(my hero) he he.
Well it came to my turn, and in went the mitt, and out came peg 10. A peg on the
far bank. No matter this is Tirley, the last time i fished this area i had
106lb for last in my section of 5. Still a good days fishing though. After
the draw everyone headed for there pegs. I was probably about five pegs up
from where i had the 106lb from, so i was'nt concerned. I set up to fish at
2 metres in front of me. Plus the margins either side of me.


The whistle went at 10.30 am. I fed the margins by hand, and the line in front of
me i fed by pot. As i was doing this Steve Ford was into his first Carp, i kid you
not, he had 4 Carp in as many minutes, not big, but a good start none the less.
My first fish was a foul hooked Gudgeon, yes you read it right, a bloody Gudgeon.
My next put in, i missed the bite, and my pellet was gone. After two more pellets
being knicked i foul hooked another Gudgeon. So i decided to feed the pellet, and
fish sweetcorn on the hook. After a couple of seconds i was into my first Carp.
He was about 5ozs. I had another three quick small ones, then i latched into a
more decent Carp.I landed it, and it went about 5lbs. Hooked another decent fish
after a couple of minutes, only for the hook to pull out at the net. This one was
about 6lbs. Then just like someone had thrown a switch, my peg along with half
the pegs on the lake just died. The wind was blowing in the opposite direction,
blowing down to the other end. The fish definately followed. So for the next
four, and a half hours we at this end just watched the other end bag up.
(i can't work my luck out, i won a tenner on the lottery, yet drew shite again).
Even Fordy was shedding a tear halfway through the match. Fair play to the lads
on the other side of the lake, they took full advantage of there pegs. At least
some had a good day. During the match a few cars drove past me with disgruntled
anglers in them. I had a couple more Gudgeon, and one more small Carp. But that
was that. I might of had about 10lb if i was lucky.The weather was boiling, at
least i topped up the tan. On the whistle i did not bother to weigh in, just
packed up, got in the van, and buggered off home. I was going to stay to take
a few pics of the winners, but considering i left my water at home in the fridge,
i really needed a drink, and there was no way i was going to hang around for an
hour with me gagging for a drink. But like i said there was a few happy guys,
but unfortunately there was a lot of disheartened lads as well. Oh! well
there's always the next one on the 5th of june.


3rd. DAVE BOWYER (FROGGYS HEROS) peg 1. 88-0-0
4th.TONY GILES (FROGGYS HEROS)peg 18. 77-12-0
5th.GREG HARDING (MULFORDS MENTOR) peg 19. 62-8-0.

Well done Steve for all the organising mate. Very good turn out. I expect
everyone will be back for the next one. Myself included.

Just a few pics before the match.

The young lads floating bait tactics.

Carp won't pose when you want them too.

They are fishing about 10 feet out.

Picture  took over the lads shoulder.

See the water movement of the Carp spawning.

Few of the boys having a chin wag before the draw.

The owner of the lake Pete, and his grandson,
and mutt. Dog travels in comfort.

Someone dreaming of a big weight.

Start of the draw.

Fordy writing down the draw.

You can understand why i'm last. I ain't even in the
queue yet.

Pictured fron my peg, looking down where the
wind is blowing (sigh).

My kit raring to go. Flat calm my end.(another sigh).

My next door neighbour.

The view from my neighbours peg.

Chris Cameron who finished second. Plumbing up.

Immigrant from Canada. he he.

Tomorrows match (sunday) with Permali is at Elton Farm. Lets just hope the
fish have spawned. Let you know how i got on tomorrow. Daves resuts will
be uploaded later on in the week. So until tomorrow bye,bye.


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