With a nice bag of carp.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I,am sorry to say, but i must close this Blog for a while, as i cannot afford to go fishing for a while.
Being unemployed in this country, when social won't help you is a nightmare.
The little bit of money my wife earns, just covers the morgage, and pole tax each month.
Half our bills cannot be paid, so i have had to come up with heartbreak, and stop fishing until we our
back on our feet.
Got to sell the van this month, as the mot, and tax is due the end of this month.
So hopefully in the future when we are okay again.,i will be able to take up the sport i still love.
Thank you all for reading my Blog, i have really enjoyed it.  In the future i will start it up again,
and i will let you all know. So for now, once again thanks for everything.
All the very best to you all, STEVE.

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