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Monday, 26 October 2009


Hi all.

Saturday   31st October.      Angling 2000 A.C.  (christmas match).
Venue:      Sol-Hampton.

Sunday     1st November.     Waters Meet  A.C.
Venue:      Drummonds  Dubb.

Christmas Match?  Bit early for that. But theres prizes for everyone fishing. So got to go.
I have heard of sol-hampton,and know its near larford worcestershire.
If any T.A members are reading this,and have fished there, any tips on whats working will be more than appreciated. We are on Valley pool. (Well thats what the wifes just told me,as i told her earlier.But as i'am fifty and going senial, i could'nt remember). So if you boys or ladies, have fished it latley,please give me some advice. (pretty please). Thanks.

Drummonds Dubb is in herefordshire, and i have fished it a few times. Its an out and out silver fishery. Looking forward to this one.

p.s. If you click on the google adverts,it does'nt cost anything for you. So please could you help out, and click a couple, cheers.

Well role on we can go fishing, will update both matches, as and when...
Hope you are enjoying the post's, as i enjoy sharing them with you.
So its bye for now, all the best steve.                         


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