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Monday, 16 November 2009

David Hoare.

This is daves latest result from this weekend.
He sent me an e-mail with is info,and told me the weather over there is in the high 70's to low 80's.
So were not jealous are we boys,and ladies. 70's, 80's whats that compared to rain, and cold, in this lovely climate of are's. I shall now take a break, and wipe away my tears, not through envy, but because  i got a fly in my eye?..... (yes i tell porkies too).

Okay back now.
Dave was telling me the spanish fish to CIPS rules, (i thought that was for runaway fathers).
That means no Feeder,no pellet,bread or paste. Maximum length of pole 13metres (i spelt metres right dave). Jeez the spanish might as well all take up golf, but then they would probably ban clubs?.
No wonder the ex-pats arrange there own match's. Dave's starting to learn the lingo now,so he can communicate with the local tackle shop owner, who can't speak english. (dave's probably been living there years,No hurry then dave).  Dave recides in a lovely little place called  Mazarron,  just outside the city of Murcia, Alicante, Spain. (hope interpol won't be interested in this information, as we here story's about ex-pats living in spain,who are of interest to crimewatch).
Okay thats enough of dropping Dave in the s---e.
Here's his results.



This week saw the annual Christmas Fair match or for some of us “Fur and Feather match” and it was held on the Embalse de Pedrera. It is held now, so that as many club members as possible can fish, as quite a few go home for the Christmas period. The wind that had been blowing hard for several days had subsided, but only slightly. There were 26 anglers out so we were quite well spread around the venue. Jim the Chairman started the day with a blinder, he left his feeder rod at home, but in true British spirit, resorted to his waggler rod as a multipurpose feeder rod. At the end of the match he decided that the waggler rod does not make a good feeder rod as he hooked and lost 7 fish!!!!!. The Pedrera is still not fishing well, as of the 26 anglers out on the day there were 12 blanks. Top anglers on the day

1st Terry ( Swing E´m ) Screen fishing the feeder using banded pellet with 5.380 kilo´s.

2nd Alan ( The Emperor ) Roscoe fishing the feeder using pellet with 4.69 kilo´s.

3rd Paul ( Poco Loco ) Baxter fishing the feeder and using the whip for bleak with 3.780 kilo´s.

As you can see from the weights there is nothing to get excited about and we have not yet made the colder times ????.

Currently the club has a few vacancies for new members if you wish to join, please phone Sue Swann on 667407026. Membership is €5 joining fee and €20 subscription.

A personal thanks goes to Pete the Peg, and his erstwhile accomplice Stu Taylor, for getting the pegs for all the anglers on the venue, with virtually no stick ups. And to Bill Reade, for sorting the match out, getting the prizes and for generally making the day possible.


Anglers Together was formed to put anglers in touch with each other to share information on venues, tactics and most importantly to find fishing partners. We have over 80 members scattered across south Alicante region and in Murcia but you do not need to live in Spain to join. We have regular fishing day trips both sea and freshwater and also do guided trips around some of the more popular venues. All anglers are made welcome whether experienced or not and help is available to those who need it. Anglers Together is not a match-fishing club.

The joining fee is €10 for new members and €5 for renewing members. If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Anglers Together, then either come along to one of the meetings or contact Alan below.

Next Meetings – Friday 4th December at Lounge Bar 6, Pinar del Campoverde (near Pilar de la Horadada, and on Saturday 5th December at Los Galayos Bar, opposite the seafront at Puerto de Mazarron. Both meetings start at 12 o’clock. New members always welcome.

Alan can obtain Fishing Licences for the regions of Valencia and Murcia. Note: Insurance is required before obtaining a Murcian region licence.

Contact: – or Tel: 968 570 876


Now that the summer has finally come to an end, we can start the trout season. We are open from TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10th.

During the whole season you can fish every morning from 08.30 - 13.00 hours and on reservation with a group of friends or family in the afternoon from 14.00 - 18.00 hours . The price is €20,-- which includes 4 caught trout.

This season we also have every first Saturday of the month a fly fishing competition and the first one will be on Saturday December 5th. Please phone Jan if you want to be on the list.

New Themes:

* Every mid-month wednesday we will organize a fly competition.

* Jan will give fly fish instruction to help to promote fly fishing. The data is on our website.

* There will be fly tying lessons for anglers who are interested.

Call Jan on 636314033 or look at



Okay thanks DAVE. Looking forward to future post's off you. Cheers mate.

Hope you enjoyed this piece, and i'am right in saying, we all are bloody jealous, but we carry on,
oh! no here comes that fly again better go now, Cheers all, let you know about next weekend later through the week, cheers for now.   

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