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Wednesday, 14 April 2010



This weeks match was the first in the summer championship series, and was held on
the Rio Segura at the Eden Canal stretch. This is a series of 9 matches with the
best 6 scores counting, and this will be completed by mid July. Its all like go,
every week there is one series or another. However, this does keep you on your toes
as there is always something to fish for at each match.

For me this week i had a brilliant day, in not catching any Terrapins, or breaking
my pole!!!!. The water level had dropped just over a foot, giving the majority of
anglers only about 2ft 6ins in depth, and this was reflected in the overall weights.


1st. Paul(Poco Loco)Baxter fishing the pole using maggot with 3.680 Kilo's.
2nd. Harold(H) Clarke same method with 3.460 Kilo's.
3rd. Dave(Yours Truly)Hoare fishing the pole using maggot, and corn with 3.280 Kilo's.


The fresh water angling championships this year are being held at Ciudad Real on Lake
Vicario. This is approx 4 hours from Murcia, and is just south of Madrid. The
Championship matches are held over 2 days, a 3 hour match on each day. The dates are
26/27 June. There are a few of us going from the club for the weekend, so if you
fancy a weekend away to watch the good guys fish, see you there.



Here's a couple of photos Dave sent me, which as nothing to do with fishing.
But there good.

See what happens if you sleep around:
Oh Bless !!! I just luv you ?

It's ALWAYS the kids that suffer!!
Her Name is Debra!

My wife says this Mutt is better trained than me?
What does she mean by that. Answers on a post
card please.

Well once again Cheers Dave, you started this series off okay.
Finishing third keeps you well in it. Try, and win this series Dave, so
at least one of us can keep the flag flying for us writers.

Now as for me this week, well my matches are like the buses, you don't
see one for awhile, then you get two turn up at once. YEP! two matches
this weekend  YIPEE!. Vans still in a coma though, but thank heavens for
mates aye.

 I would like to tell you a little story. Well the story goes like this.
Once upon a time there was this match organiser named Dickie. This man
organises the matches for Permali. Before Christmas Dickie arranged 8 matches
for our winters league. Got all the dates for Sundays. Well you  think, whats
odd about that. Well here's the strange bit, Dickie being the organiser has also
organised our Aggregate matches for this year. Dickie checked, and re-checked
both fixture  lists so no matches clash. He even got one of his daughters to check.
Well done Dickie for all that checking you may say. WHAT a knob i say!. Fair
play Dick if you were a Doctor your patients would all be dead in a week.
Why so harsh you say. Well all the checking he did, and he never noticed that
our 7th winters league match is dated for this Sunday 18th april, and our FIRST
aggregate match is dated for, wait for it! Yep, Sunday 18th April.  So now he's had
to arrange the series match for this Saturday, lucky for Dickie no one else has booked
the place. You lucky person you.  The good news  is, it is all sorted out now. Phew got
a way with that Dickie aye mate, and we all lived happily ever after.

On a more serious note Dickie does a good job all round, and mistakes happen.
(well thats what his mum, and dad said anyway) he he. Keep up the good work
Dickie, you are an angel mate.(plus i need a lift for both days).
So Saturday is our winters league match, the seventh round at Drummonds Dubb. and
Sunday is our first aggregate match, which is at The Mill Pond, Tarrington. I will
keep you informed of how i do in both matches in future posts, so its bye for now,and
keep those rods bent this weekend.   


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