With a nice bag of carp.

Thursday, 29 April 2010




This weeks match was the 2nd in the summer Championship.This is a series of 9
matches with the best 6 results being used to determine the winner. The match
was held The match was held on the Rio Segura in Murcia. A venue that is fishing
very well. Everybody caught fish, although the river on the day was pushing
through. For myself i went the hog this week, and managed to not only lose some
very big fish into the reeds, but also lost the top two sections of my pole.
If anybody is fishing at Murcia halfway between the road bridge, and the crystal
bridge, and catch a top two section, you know who to phone. Other than that the
day went very well!!!!.


1ST. HAROLD(H)CLARKE fishing the pole using maggot, and corn with 26.94 kilo's.
2ND. PAUL(POCO LOCO)BAXTER fishing the pole using corn with 11.34 kilo's.
3RD. MICK(THE ARSENAL)HILL fishing the pole using corn with 11.32 kilo's.

This is a picture of the Rio Segura at Murcia for all who have not fished there.



Cheers Dave thanks a lot mate. Look forward to the next one,
see if you can keep all your tackle intact. he he. Well has for me,
i never went pleasure fishing in the end. Had orders from her
indoors to do the garden, so Saturday was tied up. As for Sunday,
my darling decided, (considering i had no match on) that i should
take her out for the day, as we only pass by each other once in a
while in the house. ( i say hello everytime we pass, whats wrong
with them, don't they realise fishing is a religeon). But being a
considerate husband, i caved in, and took her out for the day.
I suppose its got its advantages, i won't have to take her out again
for another decade, he he. So no fishing this week at all. Sunday
is our last match in the winter series, so looking forward to that.
Watersmeet meeting is this Sunday as well, 12 o'clock  dinner
time, well done Dickie, and Graham, for organising these two
events to clash. So i wont  have a clue what goes on at the meet.
Never mind the boys at the meeting are mostly piss heads, so i
won't miss much. Now come on be sensible, who in there right mind
would organise a meeting on a Sunday dinner time, When Sunday
dinner time is prime fishing time. Can only be piss heads (i rest my case).
Well i hope i draw one of the fliers on Sunday, as i have not drew one yet.
So come on peg 6 or 7 please. Still 50 quid up for grabs for winning the
section. Well i hope you all had a good fishing weekend, bet you never had
to do the Garden,or take her indoors out. Bet you all sat on that bank bagging
up. Better stop now, or i will start crying. So see ya! the weekend.
Bye for now STEVE.

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