With a nice bag of carp.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


DRAW. 9.00AM.
FISH. 10.00AM TO 4.00PM.


Well its the final round today, the series outcome will be decided
today. Top spot is between Andy Salcombe, and Jason Wellington. They
have been the front runners throughout the series. As for myself, i
was up for the wooden spoon, But considering Nick willis, and Barry
Matthews could'nt make it, the wooden spoon fell to Nick. Well done
Nick he he. So today we had 10 series anglers fishing, with 4 guests
invited to make up the numbers to 14 fishing. The guest anglers were
Dale Malpas (Singapore). Roy Davis, Mark Price, and Charlie Chang.
Why Dickie invited Charlie for, is beyond me, he was one of two who
knackered up the series from the start. But i suppose thats how
forgiving Dickie is. Anyway Charlie turned up paid is £20, and
went back home, with the flu. He's half Chinese, so i suppose it was
the Asian flu, he he. So now it left 13 anglers to fish. Fair play it
was a bit complicated for the draw, as the 4 guests had to be split.
Two in one section, and two in the other. The only good thing is the
draw was done before Charlie turned up, and said he was not fishing.
So there was a draw for the guests to see which section they were in.
Mark, and Roy drawing in section "A". Dale, and Charlie drawing in
section "B".





PEG 14. S.BEE.

Neither Jason nor Andy were over happy with there draws. The good thing
for the series were, they both drew in the same section, so that meant
it could only come down to points, and not weight. As for myself i could
only fish for some coin on the day, and considering Charlie buggered off
before the start. That meant i had an end peg. With my fishing skills, that
probably does'nt mean much, He he. The overall payouts on the series was
paying the top four, so there was still plenty at stake for the top seven
anglers. For the rest of us it was just about fishing for the match payout.
Which was 1st, and 2nd in the sections, plus a bit of pride.


The lake has had plenty of cold rain in the last couple of days, so no one
was expecting great weights. Todays weather seemed not to bad, it was raining
on the drive up here, but during setting up, and the match it never rained at
all. Bloody weather forcasters need shagging, they said it was going to rain
for most of the day, so muggings here forked out 25 quid for a new bloody brolly
yesterday. Well i suppose i've got one, just in case it rains in the future.
Now i don't know about you, but i hate fishing the pole with a brolly up. I
kinda get tangled up with it. Anyway back to today's conditions, the wind was
quite strong coming from the North, so if you were on the road side in
section "A" you had the wind in your face. But if you were on the far bank,
like myself it was coming from behind, and we had a nice hedge behind us, taking
the brunt of it. It was overcast, with a nice ripple on the water, so some fish
should be caught. I set the pole up, to fish at 7 metre's, as i had about 6 foot
of water. A nice depth, and a comfortable distance for the pole. Also set up a
feeder to fish at about 30 metre's.

The whistle for the all in sounded at 10.00am. I fed four balls of Groundbait, and
one cupful of 4mm pellets on the pole line. Then i filled the feeder with Groundbait,
and 4mm pellets, then cast out to the clip. Hook bait was a 4mm ringers expander
pellet, on a size 16's mustad wide gape hook. I waited 5 minutes then recast, i done
this three times before i had my first bite, which pulled the tip all the way around.
One minute later there was a small skimmer in the net. After the first hour i had
only four skimmers, and i was starting to think the pellets were'nt going to work.
But considering i ain't got much to fish for, i decided to stick with the pellet.
I tried the pole line, and had four more quick skimmers, before this line died.
Okay! i thought decision time, so out went eight balls of groundbait, and two pot-
fuls of pellet. It was either going to work, or it was'nt. Good bit of philosophy
that, he, he. Back out on the feeder, i had four more quick skimmers with the biggest
about 14ozs, and this started to slow. Tom on the next peg came up, and asked me how
i was doing, i told him i had about 12 skimmers. He must have thought i was fibbing,
as he said he was really struggling, and this was after two hours. Ten more minutes
went by without another bite, so i thought it was time for the pole. Out went the
pole, not expecting anything, and the float dissappeared, and another skimmer graced
the net. For the next two hours i caught steady catching another seventeen skimmers.
Then the pole line totally died. I had some maggot, and worm with me so i decided
to chop some worm, and pot it out just to see. Went back out on the feeder for half
an hour, without so much as a touch. Tried the pole line again, and put double red
maggot on the hook. My next four fish resulted in three small perch, and one small
roach, and that took about an hour. So i went back out on the feeder for the rest
of the match, and added two more skimmers I finished the match with 32 skimmers,
3 tiny perch, and 1 tiny roach for 14lbs plus. During the match Mark on peg 7, the
flier for most of the series packed up with a couple of hours to go, having no fish.
Dickie struggled on the other flier peg 6, crazy venue or what. This time of year on
this venue, and for the rest of the summer you really don't know where the winners
coming from. Thats what makes this place so good. Okay in the winter you know the
winners going to come from the deeps, but thats winter fishing for you. As for me
i came second in the section, and picked up £35. With Dale Malpas winning for £50.
Why the hell did they lift the Volcano ash threat over Britian for, because if they
did'nt Dale would still be stuck in Singapore, and i would have won the £50. (bitter,
and twisted, or what). Anyway the good news is, as Dale was a guest, that means he's
not in the points, so i did win the section in the series with one point. YEE AH!
lost my virginity at last? he he.

The battle of the big guns came first, and last in the section, so it was quite an
anti climax really. Well done Jason for winning the section. Unlucky Andy for
coming last in the section. Terry finishing third in section, and third overall.
Unlucky Tommy who was in my section blowing out on the last match, and having
fourth place took off him by Brian, who finished second in his section. All in
all it was a good match, with some guys happy, and some guys blowing out. But at
the end of the day thats what fishing is all about.



1ST. J.WELLINGTON.   PEG 3.   17-5-0.   1 PT.

2ND.    B.DIX.    PEG 1.    15-4-0.    2PTS.

3RD   T.REYBOULD.    PEG 2.    14-6-0.    3PTS.

4TH.   D.LEWIS.    PEG 6.    10-0-0.    4PTS.


JOINT 5TH. R.DAVIS. PEG 4. 9-11-0. (GUEST).

7TH. M.PRICE. PEG 7. 0-0-0. (GUEST).
No photo.


1ST.   D.MALPAS.   PEG 12.   16-5-0.  (GUEST).

2ND. S.HAWKINS. PEG 9. 14-14-0. 1PT.

3RD.   R.BOWD.    PEG 13.    12-9-0.    2PTS.

4TH.   S.BEE.    PEG 14.    10-11-0.    3PTS.

5TH.   S.EVANS.    PEG 11.    9-14-0.    4PTS.

6TH.   T.WARNER.    PEG 10.    6-3-0.    5PTS.

7TH.   C.CHANG.    PEG 8.    D.N.F.    (GUEST).


N.WILLIS.   DID NOT FISH.  7PTS. (Wooden spoon, he he.)


J.WELLINGTON.    11PTS.      117-06-8.
A.SALCOMBE.       15PTS.      121-14-0.
T.REYBOULD.        18PTS.      109-05-8.
B.DIX.                   19PTS.     102-07-0.
S.EVANS.               20PTS.       98-01-0.
T.WARNER.           21PTS.       86-07-0.
D.LEWIS.               23PTS.       86-01-0.
S.BEE.                   25PTS.       97-07-8.
R.BOWD.               29PTS.       84-13-0.
S.HAWKINS.           30PTS.       64-01-0.
B.MATTHEWS.       34PTS.       62-02-0.
N.WILLIS.              36.PTS.      45-10-0.

No one finished on the same points, which i thought is unusual.
But at least no one can blame there overall weight for letting them
down. It was a very good series, and everyone enjoyed it. Dickie as
said he intends to run it next year, and everyone as said they will
fish it. I think Dale, and Roy will fish it next year so we can get
it back to a 14 angler series.

Congratulations to Jason for fishing a superb series, and taking top
spot. Unlucky again Andy, who knows what would have happened if you
would have been in the other section. But as you know mate, thats fishing.

I won't put down the prize money for the top 4, just in case their wives
are reading this, and they ain't told them the truth about how much they've won.
Don't want to get the boys in trouble do we, he he. As for me i finished
10th overall, thats only because the bottom two did'nt fish this match.
Maybe thats got something to do with the laxitives i put in there tea's
last night, he he. So hopefully i can improve next year, and finish in the
top half.(dream on son).

The tables below are just some things i threw in, while doing the results.
Things like peg drawing, anglers weights, anglers points overall. Consistancy
of peg weights, and so on.


A.SALCOMBE.       1. 1. 7. 1. 4. 2. 1. 5.
B.DIX.                   3. 2. 2. 4. 3. 3. 6. 2.
J.WELLINGTON.    2. 3. 5. 1. 1. 1. 2. 1.
T.REYBOULD.        5. 1. 3. 4. 3. 1. 3. 3.
T.WARNER.           3. 3. 2. 3. 1. 6. 4. 5.
S.EVANS.               1. 7. 4. 2. 5. 2. 2. 4.
D.LEWIS.               2. 7. 1. 3. 5. 5. 3. 4.
N.WILLIS.              7. 2. 7. 6. 2. 5. 7. 7.
S.BEE.                    6. 4. 1. 2. 6. 4. 5. 3.
B.MATTHEWS.        4. 7. 7. 6 2. 4. 4. 7.
R.BOWD.                7. 7. 7. 5. 4. 3. 1. 2.
S.HAWKINS.           4. 7. 3. 5. 6. 6. 5. 1.


A.SALCOMBE.     4.
T.REYBOULD.      2.
T.WARNER.         1.
S.EVANS.             1.
D.LEWIS.             1.
S.BEE.                 1.
R.BOWD.             1.
S.HAWKINS.        1.
B.DIX.                 0.
N.WILLIS.           0.




PEG 1.   00-00-0. 00-00-0. -------.    -------.   -------.    -------.   -------.   15-04-0.
PEG 2.   12-11-0. 00-00-0. 00-00-0. 13-01-8. 09-13-0. 17-03-0. 15-02-0. 14-06-0.
PEG 3.   09-02-0. 00-03-0. 00-02-0. 10-00-0. 12-14-0. 18-02-0. 22-08-0. 17-05-0.
PEG 4.   05-08-0. 00-13-8. 07-15-0. 04-14-0. 14-05-0. 09-04-0. 23-11-0. 09-11-0.
PEG 5.   08-03-0. 01-13-0. 05-08-0. 01-09-0. 14-00-0. 19-08-0. 19-06-0. 09-11-0.
PEG 6.   ---------    --------  08-11-0. 14-09-0. 18-03-0. 11-05-0. 28-08-0. 10-00-0.
PEG 7.   20-08-0. 20-13-0. 08-02-0. 09-13-8. 22-03-0. 21-14-0. 20-13-0. 00-00-0.
PEG 8.   08-05-0. 15-07-0. 17-04-0. 08-01-0. 11-00-0. 18-07-0.  -------.   -------.
PEG 9.   15-10-0. 10-12-0. 01-03-8. 11-04-0. 17-03-0. 18-12-0. 12-02-0. 14-14-0.
PEG 10. 06-04-0. 00-12-0. 00-00-0. 17-11-0. 18-10-0. 21-03-0. 06-14-0. 06-03-0.
PEG 11. 15-04-0. 00-00-0. 00-00-0. 08-09-0. 23-15-0. 25-05-0. 12-13-0. 09-14-0.
PEG 12. 16-01-0. 00-00-0. 00-00-0. 19-14-0. 16-06-0. 13-00-0. 16-02-0. 16-05-0.
PEG 13. 12-10-0. 00-00-0. 03-12-8. 12-07-0. 08-05-0. 21-04-0. 14-13-0. 12-09-0.
PEG 14. 09-06-0. 00-00-0.  -------    -------      -------.  -------.    -------.   10-11-0.


A.SALCOMBE.       20-08-0. 20-13-0. 00-00-0. 19-14-0. 16-06-0. 19-08-0. 16-02-0. 09-11-0.
B.DIX.                   15-04-0. 10-12-0. 03-12-8. 09-13-8. 14-05-0. 18-02-0. 15-02-0. 15-04-0.
J.WELLINGTON.    15-10-0. 00-13-8. 00-02-0. 14-09-0. 23-15-0. 25-05-0. 23-11-0. 17-05-0.
T.REYBOULD.        05-08-0. 15-07-0. 01-03-8. 11-04-0. 17-03-0. 21-14-0. 22-08-0. 14-06-0.
T.WARNER.           09-02-0. 00-12-0. 08-02-0. 10-00-0. 22-03-0. 09-04-0 20-13-0. 06-03-0.
S.EVANS.              16-01-0. 00-00-0. 05-08-0. 17-11-0. 12-14-0. 21-04-0. 14-13-0. 09-14-0.
D.LEWIS.              12-11-0. 00-00-0. 08-11-0. 12-07-0. 11-00-0. 18-07-0. 12-13-0. 10-00-0.
N.WILLIS.              06-04-0. 01-13-0. 00-00-0. 08-01-0. 18-03-0. 11-05-0. 00-00-0. 00-00-0.
S.BEE.                    08-05-0. 00-03-0. 17-04-0. 13-01-8. 09-13-0. 18-12-0. 19-06-0. 10-11-0.
B.MATTHEWS.        12-10-0. 00-00-0. 00-00-0. 01-09-0. 18-10-0. 17-03-0. 12-02-0. 00-00-0.
R.BOWD.                00-00-0. 00-00-0. 00-00-0. 08-09-0. 14-00-0. 21-03-0. 28-08-0. 12-09-0.
S.HAWKINS.           08-03-0. 00-00-0. 07-15-0. 04-14-0. 08-05-0. 13-00-0. 06-14-0. 14-14-0.

Hope the above useless information helps whoever fishes Drummonds Dubb in the future.
You can see what pegs have been the most consistant. So remember in the deeps in the
Winter, and any bloody where in the Summer. Dickie's organising five 20 pegger opens
on here through the Summer, so that should be fun.

Just a few pics of the weigh in.

Some skimmers in the net.

Dale ready  for the weigh in

Dale's weigh going over 16lb.

Some of the gang watching Dale's weigh in.

Richard the weigher

Poor old Tommy, this 6lb bag was'nt enough to
finish fourth overall.

Well thats it for this series, now we got the aggregate matches to look forward too.
Our next aggregate match is Sunday coming at Ridgeway (white) The Cotswold water park,
nr Cirencester. Its all Carp so the 1.7 bottoms, and no4 elastics are out on this one.
I will let you know how it goes next week. Dave Hoares results will be uploaded through
the week, so for now its bye, bye. STEVE.


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