With a nice bag of carp.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

preparing for tomorrow.

Saturdays upon us, time to prepare for tomorrow.

Shopping list ::-

Groundbait. 1, bag of swimstim (black). 1, bag of bream lake. mixed 50-50. third bag of brasim.
Brown crumb,(got a ton of that in the shed).

Couple of cage feeders.

Bait    Worms,  half pint of red maggots.

Feeder definatly out scores the pole every time hear.

I prefer the pole, but beggers can't be choosers,i'm afraid.
Weather's nice and mild, so i can't see why the bream won't feed.

Hope you don't mind me putting a picture here and there of my dog's.Because i'am soppy, and love em to bits.I bet there is'nt many of you who have seen black jack russells before. May be guinness will do an advert with them.tee he.
Well here's toby dreaming of walkies time.

Better do one of sooty,or she will get jealous so here she is smiling.

Okay thats enougth of the minature rockwielers.

Time to make myself a bacon sarnie,and a mug of tea,so until after tomorrows match ,bye for now, steve.

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